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Recent Events

Breast Cancer Awareness Nights

Organized by Curves of Talpiot, Pisgat Ze'ev and Ma'ale Adumim

These events occurred in December 2009. They included a crafts fair part of whose earnings were donated to Hadadi.

March for Breast Cancer Awareness in Ra'anana

On 16 October 2009, hundreds of people, including participants from Hadadi, marched along the park in Ra'anana to raise awareness of breast cancer. Organized by Tishkofet, the event included talks and information tables, one of which presented information on breast cancer and the services offered by Hadadi.

Our Mission

The mission of the Center is to serve as a welcoming "home" for women grappling with breast cancer. The Center will furnish emotional and social support as well as provide for the psychological, physical and informational needs that arise at diagnosis, during treatment and afterwards. The Center will combine the atmosphere and accessibility needed for a supportive community with accommodation of the physical needs accompanying medical treatment.

The Name

Hadadi is a Hebrew word meaning mutual, as in mutual support or mutual understanding. There is also a level of word play involved as the name also contains the word dad, one of the words for breast.