Together and each alone

Together and Each Alone


Women, Femininity and Their Partners


An experiential seminar for women and
their spouses using psychodrama

We invite you and your spouse to partcipate in the program
Organized and lead by Ziva Bracha Gidron

The program begins with a series of meetings with the women. Each meeting is a guided experience blending drama, movement, music and guided imagery

Six additional meetings for women and their spouses address strengthening togetherness. The seminar uses Imago, whose utility in couples counseling is well proven, as well as psychodramatic tools

The couples component is lead by Chaya Me'ir

Ziva Bracha Gidron is a teacher and psychodrama therapist (M.S.), specializing in couples counseling
Chaya Me'ir is a senior educational consultant, couples advisor and Imago therapist

We meet at Beit Hadadi - The Center for the Breast Cancer Survivor,

Mordechai Ha'Yehudi 10, Baka

Participation is free of charge, Registration is required

(Program is conducted in Hebrew)

For details and registration: Telephone: 072-243-2333