The center combines a broad range of services, covering both the emotional and material needs of women coping with breast cancer. Our facilities include:



On the breast, its various types of cancer, different treatments available locally and abroad, clinical trials in Israel and abroad, side effects of different treatments, breast reconstruction options, etc. The Center allows each woman to access information to the extent and at the rate she desires and according to her ability to process it given her current emotional state. She can keep up to date on changes in the field and obtain the information that allows her to better utilize the knowledge of her treating physician. The Center, however, does not attempt to replace the physician as the primary informational resource. The Center's information includes written material, compiled by the Center, a computer with internet access and listings of relevant online sites, and the possibility of a one-on-one presentation for those who prefer it.

In addition, an "information bank" contributed by the women themselves is being built up. The most efficient source of information on issues such as the side effects of particular drugs or different treatments is the women who have experienced them.

Support Groups

Wigs and Hats

Specialty Cosmetics

Prosthesis, Bras and Swimsuits

Movie Library


Exercise Classes


Discussions with oncologists and surgeons

Children's Activity Room


Jerusalem of gold, stone and light - home to three of the great monotheistic religions - offers unique opportunities and challenges to the center. Jews from all over the world, secular, religious, and haredi, and Arabs, both Moslem and Christian, inhabit this ancient and modern city. Differences of culture and language must be addressed, while realizing that universal concerns and fears unite them all.

Our building

The first stage in establishing The Center For The Breast Cancer Survivor is finding the proper physical location. The setting must be home-like in look and feel and accessible most of the hours of the day. It must be centrally located so that women can come easily from all parts of the city. At the same time, it should have convenient and free parking. The building will be divided into different spaces configured for the various activities of the center.